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My Day in Malibu With Urban Decay

Any company that invites not just me, but Ben and Aria to events as well automatically receives roughly, oh, a billion extra brownie points in my book. It just so happens that Urban Decay’s founder Wende Zomnir is not only a gorgeous businesswoman but also a generous and understanding mother too. Thus, I packed up my husband and baby girl and we made our way to Malibu to spend an exciting day enjoying beautiful views and learning about Urban Decay’s new launches.
After a little product pow-wow (with future goodies that we weren’t allowed to photograph… woo!), my first stop was hitting up the braid bar. I haven’t cut my hair since I found out I was pregnant a year ago so my tresses were so ready to be swept back into some trendy boho braids.

We also had the opportunity to design our own customized Edie Parker clutch which I’m absolutely stoked to wear in a future outfit. It has a hard-case exterior with some really amazing materials and a built-in mirror on the inside for makeup touch-ups, naturally.
Along with a highly instagrammable infinity pool (oh yes I did), there was a stunning view overlooking Malibu in the backyard.

Here are a few products they sent us home with. I have to say, I’m beyond excited to play around with the Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette! Also those Moondust eyeshadow singles are sooo pigmented and freak-out worthy that it makes my little beauty loving heart thump with joy. Let me know if you guys want to see a full review on anything. It’ll feel fantastic to dip my toes back into some colorful waters again after maybe too long of a stay in neutral-ville. 🙂

Thank you so much Wende and Urban Decay! I said this there but I’ll repeat it again. I feel so honored to take part in this beautiful preview retreat and even bring baby Aria. For my first big event since her birth, this one really inspired me not just in the beauty sense but, seriously, Wende is such mom goals. I’m going to take this as my motivation on behalf of all mothers and say we are all warriors and we can do anything!

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