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How do I get rid of wrinkles?

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Let’s be real: Wrinkles look cute on elephants, not on clothes. Unfortunately, taming wrinkles is not always a walk on the wild side and can put a real crease in your morning routine. Never fear: we’ve got some top tips to smooth the way.

Here’s 5 ways to easily get rid of wrinkles.

1. Use an Iron for Dress Shirts and Slacks


What you’ll need:  Iron, ironing board, distilled water, clothes starch (optional)

Best for: Thicker cottons, lightweight linens, tailored items

Perks: Crisp finish

  • Prep: Fill with water, clean the plate and adjust to the right fabric settings for each item—just check the tag of your garment.
  • Iron: Slip your shirt, dress or pants over the short end of the board, back facing up. Say “see ya’” to wrinkles as you work from bottom to top, front to back. Hang (or wear!) immediately.

Stylist Tip: Have a cute dress with lace or other embellishment? Flip it inside out before ironing to keep the detailing looking darling.

2. Use a Steamer for Delicates & Embellishments


What you’ll need: Steamer, coat hanger, pole or hook, distilled water

Best for: Delicates, lace, items that don’t need a crease

Perks: Gets rid of bacteria and dust

Wrinkles, chillax! Steaming relaxes fibers and bonus: it’s quicker than ironing (hello, snooze button!).

  • Prep: Place your garment on a clothes hanger, then hook it on a steamer pole or rack—even the hook on the back of the door will work! Fill, heat, and let the steam flow for a couple of seconds.
  • Steam: Ahhh, relaxation. Steam away all your wrinkles and woes—just be sure to hold the steamer a few inches away from the garment while holding the fabric taut. Slow and steady wins this race, so hold the wand longer over stubborn wrinkle sections.

3. Spray-on Wrinkle Releaser


What you’ll need: Wrinkle releaser spray

Best for: Most fabrics, if you’re short on time

Perks: Freshens fabric, removes odors

Short on time? A wrinkle releaser spray is your new best friend. It loosens the fibers of a garment, removes odors, freshens fabric AND removes static cling.

  • Prep: This one’s easy. Just hang up your item or lay it flat on the bed—OR you can even be wearing it!
  • Spritz: Hold the spray bottle about six inches away from the fabric, and spray like you mean it all over. Gently tug the hems, sleeves and collar of the garment, smoothing trouble areas. If it’s still wrinkly, give it a round 2.

4. Add an Ice Cube to the Dryer


What you’ll need: Ice cubes, damp sock or anything with a bit of moisture

Best for: Knits, wovens

Perks: Impresses friends

Talk about a quick—but chilly—fix. Toss your sturdier knits and wovens (don’t try this with delicates) into the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes. Add a few ice cubes, then tumble-dry on low. Voila! Steamed, wrinkle-free clothes thanks to the melted ice.

5. Dry Clean


What you’ll need: Just a little bit of cash

Best for: Suits and blazers, evening dresses, outerwear, items that can melt (like waxed jackets or suede)

Perks: Hands-off, results guaranteed

If your dress code is business formal, dry cleaning is probably the best way to rid those wrinkles. Check the tag, then follow our handy cheat sheet for how often you should take your clothes to the cleaners.

With these easy tips, you can smooth wrinkles and love elephants all at the same time.  A wrinkle-free outfit boosts confidence and allows you to put your most polished foot forward!

—Laurie H.

Have tips of your own for getting rid of wrinkles? Tell us in the comments!

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