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Meghan Markle Just Wore a $50 Dress That Looks Damn Expensive

Fans of royal fashion have been spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing outfits lately. First, there was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's impactful tour of South Africa, where the Duchess of Sussex supported several local designers. Then came Prince William and Kate Middleton's memorable tour of Pakistan, which saw the couple diving into traditional Pakistani looks. Now, Markle is back in London, and of course she's brought another great outfit with her. 

Photographed at the One Young World Summit Opening Ceremony at Royal Albert Hall, Markle wore Aritzia's Babaton Maxwell Dress, which is on sale for just $50 but sadly already sold out. Luckily, the brilliant royal purple color is a major trend with other brands, so we've included plenty of options below. 

As for the event Markle is supporting, the organization describes its mission this way: "One Young World identifies, promotes and connects the world’s most impactful young leaders to create a better world, with more responsible, more effective leadership." Sounds like a worthy cause to us. Scroll down to see what Meghan Markle wore to the summit and shop the trend. 

On Meghan Markle: Aritzia Babaton Maxwell Dress ($50)

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4 Winter Shoe Trends to Invest In RN, According to a Stylist

When he’s not working with big names like Rowan Blanchard, Barbie Ferreira, Camila Mendes, Hari Nef, and Debby Ryan, celebrity stylist Chris Horan shares his fashion expertise in our Ask a Stylist series. Return for a professional’s perspective on what to know in fashion.

With a new season upon us, you might be questioning which shoes to invest in this winter. I, myself, have been plotting my upcoming purchases and have been trying to narrow down the exact shoe styles I’ll be adding to my closet for the months ahead. To point me in the right direction, I sat down with Who What Wear’s resident celebrity stylist expert, Chris Horan, to find out exactly which shoe trends are worthy of investing in now.

Here, he’s highlighting the key winter shoe trends that are must-buys right now and why they deserve a place in your wardrobe. From heels to boots to sneakers, he’s covering all of your shoe needs for the cold winter months to come. Ahead, shop the four key trends on his list.

When it comes to heels, Horan suggests a satin version. "Satin heels that kind of dip down low on the toe, I feel like that's the really good shoe to have," Horan says. Truly versatile, whether worn at a holiday party or elsewhere, they offer a luxe touch to any outfit.

Horan admits that sock boots feel a bit dated, but emphasizes that newer versions are 100% worth adding to your wardrobe. "I'm really obsessed with this Simon Miller boot that they have, which is kind of like the update on a sock boot, but it has a more interesting toe," he says. He goes on to explain that no matter which brand you're looking at, a cool architectural heel is essential for pulling them off.

In the world of sneakers, Horan loves an updated take on the skater shoe. "I really love the Gucci skater shoe that they just released," he says, "it's less clunky than those than their crazy '80s ones, but it still looks like it's distressed."

Another key pair of boots? A wide-shaft boot. "I feel like it's good because it could be very Princess Diana with Levi's, but you can also wear it with a RIXO dress," Horan explains. And I personally couldn't agree more.

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Dressing up with Otis just brightens my day instantly. Sometimes it’s just an accessory, sometimes it’s a whole outfit. Yesterday was cashmere hoodies and cozy uggs for a stroll to the playground after work. Thursday is trash day so most of the day is spent following the trash truck. He can hear it coming and is alway on truck watch! It’s the sweetest thing. Anyways, back to gift guide! I always have a hard time finding Mommy and Son options out there. There are a ton of Mommy and Daughter options for son options can be really slim pickings. Below are some things we love and enjoy or are on our wishlist. Happy Shopping!

bitty brah hats: These are one of our FAVORITE hats. They have a removeable drawstring which helps them stay on babies/kiddos head. It also has float technology if you drop it in the water making it a perfect hat for Summer activities like the pool, beach, splashing around etc. I love that they make matching adult hats also. Love love love this brand. I also have a discount code for 15% off you can access here and see the discount reflected at checkout or use code: EATSLEEPWEAR15

Mother + Son Vans: It is no secret we love Vans for the whole family. Such an easy way to match day to day. Blake also grabs a pair to match Otis as well!

Mother + Son Marysia Swim: One of my favorite swim designers for myself but I love that she also makes kids! Marysia has some amazing prints and the materials are amazing. The quality is top notch and all my suits last and last. Keep an eye out if she has any sales coming up for the holiday.

Mother + Son ReytoZ hats: Another one of Otis’ favorite hats. This is the one he wears backwards all the time and I love how its customized to his him. The adult hats are amazing or the whole family too. They now offer custom embroidery for the back of the hat. Blake and I got ones that say, “Mom” and “Dad.”

Mother + Son H&M sweaters: One of my go to spots to shop for both Otis and myself. Love finding things in the same color palette there to get a matchy vibe without wearing exactly the same thing.

Mother + Son Uggs: Kids in uggs are THE CUTEST!!! I mean, what is not to love about Uggs. Such a classic waredrobe staple to stay cozy in the Winter and love that the colors match perfectly and we can wear slightly different styles and still feel like we are matching.

Mother + Son BFFandBabes: I have seen these around the web and love that you can customize them with names or phrases.

Mother + Son Gap Jackets: Gap always has great kids clothes and I love these matching fuzzy jackets. Again, matchy and not perfectly twinning.

Mother + Son lulu and roo matching loungewear: I mean can you even with this bear hoodie?! So Lulu and roo is a new favorite kids line I found recently. I love their little sweatsuits particularly and Blake literally puts Otis in them anytime he dresses him. I didn’t even now that they had some adult items! Something I am going to be keeping my eye on because the materials they use are so soft and lovely.

Mother + Son APL shoes: I am obsessed with my APL sneakers and they just recently launched kids. CAN YOU EVEN!??! A splurge item for sure. So this would make a really fun gift.

Mother + Son hanna anderson matching pajamas: We have matching holiday pjs from hanna anderson and these breakfast print ones would make a fun gift to wear year round.

Mother + Son Jenni Kayne hoodies: Ok FINALLY a super cute matching sweater. These cashmere sweaters are super soft and cozy and we have been wearing them on repeat.

Mother + Son TheGreat sweaters: I love the great sweaters. They have this lived in softness and vibe and their matching mini sweaters are just so sweet. Currently eyeing the Christmas sweaters!!

Kim’s outfit // sweater: jenni kayne / jeans: jbrand (similar) / boots: ugg

Otis’ outfit // sweater: jenni kayne / jeans: h&m kids / boots: ugg

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Why No Two Bustles are Alike and Which One is Right For You

Your wedding gown is probably the most epic garment you will ever wear, and sure, the ornate fabric adds to that effect, but what really makes it a wedding gown? The TRAIN! Like most brides, you’re probably wondering–how do you get the drama of a train without it getting in the way while you’re dancing your heart out at your reception? Do you need a second gown, something simpler, for the reception? Should you ditch the train completely? The answer is not nearly as complicated as it seems. You bustle it - it’s that easy!

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Here’s How To Throw The Ultimate Vineyard Wedding

Wine lovers start taking notes! This Napa Valley wedding is better than a freshly chilled bottle of white. Jake and Megan are partners in business and love, as the CEO and Art Director respectively of One Hope Wine. When it came time for their wedding day, there was no better way to say "I Do" then on the private estate at One Hope Vineyard where the grapes for their wine are grown. The special touches and classic style of the day were beautifully captured by Matt Rice. Uncork your favorite bottle, and head to the full gallery for all the dreamy details.

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10 Products that Chrissy Teigen Uses to Get That Glow

If there’s one thing I’m obsessed with at the moment, it’s finding out celebrities’ skincare routines. Just how exactly do they get that glowy no-makeup makeup look and effortlessly dewy skin, while the weather insists on keeping mine as dry as sandpaper? Okay, yes, a lot of it may be down to good genes, but they also get pampered by the best in the business, so it can’t help to find out what’s behind the magic and try it for ourselves, can it?

So far, we’ve discovered Emily Ratajowski’s favorite products, and how Gwyneth, J.Lo and Victoria Beckham look so good for their age, but one bathroom cabinet we’ve been dying to look in is Chrissy Teigen’s. If you don’t have a major soft spot for Chrissy and her family-life realness on social media, sorry to say, but we probably wouldn’t get along. Those good genes we mentioned? She’s got plenty, but she’s also a fan of a good beauty product and loves to share her tips with her followers.

We love her approach to skin, as she often showcases her bare face on Instagram. When she does get glammed up for the red carpet, though, it’s usually a natural, glowy look that highlights her features and definitely benefits from a thorough day-to-day skincare routine as its basis. We’ve done some digging and found out her hero products that keep her skin looking as fresh as it does. Keep scrolling for the secrets…

Let’s start at the beginning. Cleansing is, of course, the most important part of any skincare routine and we imagine you’d need a good one to wash off the number of products needed for a photo shoot or red carpet appearance. Chrissy recently shared a picture of her in-shower selection with not one but two bottles of IS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex, which, she told W Magazine, would be included if she only had five minutes for a routine. She’s also previously admitted that her husband, singer John Legend, can’t get enough of the Foreo cleansing tool.

With two children, Chrissy has recently talked about how hard it is to find the time to prioritise skincare. When she travels on planes, she tells Refinery 29, is when she "takes the best care of her skin because I have all the time in the world." That explains why we often see her using her beloved SK-II sheet masks in-flight on her social accounts. We also have it on good authority that GlamGlow’s Gravity Mud Mask and ReVive’s Masque de Radiance are favorites of hers for hydration.

You wouldn’t believe it, but Chrissy herself has admitted her skin feels "very dry all the time, so anything that gets me moisture I’m happy with.” Her day-to-day go-to’s are from La Mer (a brand she’s used for over 10 years) and La Prairie. Both brands are on the pricier end of things, shall we say, but both of these products crop up time and again when we ask for expert recommendations, so you obviously pay for results.

By now you’ve probably heard about retinol and its anti-ageing effects. It’s no surprise, then, that Chrissy’s ultimate skincare secret is Shani Darden’s retinol—another essential she would include in her routine if she only had five minutes. We’ll have what she’s having. 

Another product Chrissy recently shared on her Instagram stories is Zitsticka’s Killa Patches, which use micro darts to target and calm the appearance of new spots. They’re lifesavers for those days when you have an important meeting, presentation or birthday party you want to look your best for.

Last but not least, a girl’s gotta get that glow, and no one does it better than Chrissy Teigen. She recently partnered with Becca Cosmetics and has since been raving about its Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter on her Instagram, which she uses before events on her face and body. This is an award-winning product that gives that post-holiday shine all year round.

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.

Opening Image: Getty Images

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It has taken me a while to compile this gift guide mostly because I was dragging my feet on deciding what we wanted to get Otis for Christmas. We already have a lot of bigger items and I wanted to make the toys we picked out for him really count space wise. Let’s be honest, when you have a 1+ year old you start to really accumulate things and space is precious. So! Here are my top picks. Some of these items Otis already has and loves and some we have either purchased or our family purchased for him! Hope you love this gift guide. I don’t know how I am not going to give him these gifts as they start coming in. Luckily Blake grabs them from me and hides them in the office. Other wise I would probably just hand them straight to Otis from the packaging. Love seeing that little guy smile!!


1 // green toys train set: This is high on my list. Otis does not have any trains and I love all the green toys trucks we currently have.

2 // first 100 words book set: We have the holiday version of this book so figured this was a nice piece to add to his library. He loves books and these are great for teaching him new words.

3 // fisher-price laugh & learn piggy bank: We currently have this as a hand me down toy that we recently pulled out and Otis is obsessed. It’s nice and small and easy to move room to room.

4 // disney/pixar cars racetrack talkers lighting mcqueen vehicle: Otis needed something from the Cars movie so we grabbed this at Disneyland this week.

5 // tegu magnetic pocket pouch wooden block set: We have the larger set of these and I brought them along with us to the hotel this past weekend. Love this travel friendly smaller pack to throw in the diaper bag or my purse.

6 // custom name puzzle: I ordered this for Otis and am patiently awaiting its arrival. Love that you can customize the colors also!

7 // fisher-price mickey & the roadster racers hot rod 10-pack cars: Otis loves Mickey so this is a great set since he also loves cars.

8 // Disney+ year membership: We bought Disney+ and have been LOVING IT!!! They also have the Disney Junior shows we love like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Puppy Dog Pals, and Mickey and the Roadster Racers. It would make a really special gift for a Disney/Pixar lover.

9 // cubcoats mickey mouse: We have a few cubcoats already and I just ordered this one for Otis when we go to Disneyland!

10 // cason little helper dyson cord-free vacum cleaner: Otis is obsessed with our adult sized dyson so thought this would make a fun present. It actually has real suction!!

11 // fire hd 8 kids edition tablet 8″: This has already come in handy for us. This is the tablet we have been using for Otis if we want to put on a movie, play education games, or even read a book! You can download different activities to the tablet and it has a 2 year guarantee which is epic for kids that will inevitably chuck this thing. What I love is that you can switch it out of kid mode to regular mode and still download things like netflix. We also downloaded our baby monitor app on it so it can double as a monitor since Otis does not use this constantly.

12 // green toys eco-friendly recycling truck: Otis is obsessed with trash-trucks. He watches them every single week on his morning walks. Thought this would be extra special for him.

13 // lego duplo my first train: We don’t have any legos yet and these are a great first kit for Otis.

14 // step2 ride on push car: Ok I have talked about this car for so long but seriously it’s been such a great gift and we use it multiple times a day. If you are on the fence, BUY IT. Otis loves going on neighborhood walks in it.

15 // vtech brilliant baby laptop: My mother-in-law recently bought this for Otis and he has loved it. It has a few different modes and lots of buttons to keep him busy.

16 // plan toys wooden baby walker: Otis has actually had this for a while but now he is having so much fun pushing this thing around the house and then pulling all the blocks out to play with it.

17 // green toys ferry boat with mini cars bath toys: LOVE this bath toy gift. We don’t have anything like it and it’s on the top of my list for him.

18 // playskool explore n’ grow busy gears: He has played with a different version of this and was obsessed with the moving gears.

19 // playgo scoop a ball launcher: Otis has this and walks around the house “vacuuming” saying vroom. It’s the cutest! Also spotted it at homegoods if you are passing by one.

20 // magna-tiles clear colors 37 pc set: So Otis played with these on our Santa photo day and he loved them so much. So we instantly ordered them.

21 // tegu magnetic wooden block set: We have had these since his first birthday and finally pulled them out. He LOVES them.

22 // mega bloks first builders classic big building bag: Love these larger building blocks and that they come in a resealable bag.

23 // green toys construction vehicle set of 3: Otis got this as a gift for his first birthday and he loves playing with these trucks. I bring them to the beach and park also because they are so easy to clean.

24 // lovevery toddler toy kits: I love the lovevery toy kits and so does Otis. They are made with great materials and so damn cute.

25 // musical piano mat: Blake bought this one and pretty excited to see Otis discover it.

26 // puppy dog pals bean plush rolly: Otis loves the Puppy Dog Pals so this will be his first PDP gift!! I also am going to get him some board books but have to run to the store for that.

Wearing these hanna andersson pajamas

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