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6 Items I Bought to Cut My Morning Routine in Half

Shop the six must-have clothes categories to get a posh and quick morning routine–and if you would like to find out more about the brand, we’ve hosted the founders around our Second Life podcast. No huge thing.
Not yet familiar with this brand? Veronica Beard creates the chicest, statement-making pieces that perfectly walk the line between glistening and cool (aka the makings of an ultra-versatile wardrobe). Think along the lines of well tailored–however far from stuffy–blazers you would need to wear both in and out of the office.
I used to spend 90 percent of the time involving silencing my alarm and leaving my apartment each weekday buried in my closet trying to assemble a stylish outfit. Honestly I was sick of spending valuable minutes in my appearance when I might be spending them on my own breakfast (I shouldn’t operate heavy machinery before coffee).

After closely observing my best-dressed co-workers and also taking note of my frequently worn outfits, so I understood there are six key pieces which make getting dressed daily to get ridiculously easy. I also understood that purchasing these bits in Veronica Beard supposed I could wear them around the weekends too.

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